1、Low-cost micro-UAV multi-effect intelligent attack system


1.It is mainly used for individual squads to patrol enemy targets, carry out flight warning, intelligent strikes, attack multiple targets, etc. Suitable for use in complex environments such as urban buildings, mountain jungles, and coastal beaches.

2.System composition

The system mainly consists of drones, tracking and stabilizing weapon stations, ground remote control operation stations, multi-effect ammunition, etc. Among them: the following stable aiming weapon station is mainly composed of a photoelectric pod, a following stable aiming servo, an ammunition rack, a fire control device, etc.; the ammunition is mainly composed of a rocket section, a warhead, a fuze, and a tail stabilizing device, and can be mounted A variety of different calibers (8 rounds of 40mm diameter ammunition, 6 rounds of 50mm diameter ammunition, 4 rounds of 70mm diameter ammunition, 2 rounds of 80mm diameter ammunition)


3.Main functions of the system

It has multiple functions such as long-distance remote control or autonomous flight, target reconnaissance, surveillance and tracking, situational environment awareness and control, non-lethal deterrence, lethal strikes, damage effect assessment and other functions.


4.1. Main technical indicators

1) Combat radius: ≥10km;

2) Battery life: ≥30min;

3) Carrying ammunition range: ≥1km;

4) Carryable ammunition diameter: 40mm/50mm/70mm/80mm;

5) Carrying quantity: ≮2~8 rounds (8 rounds of 40mm diameter ammunition, 6 rounds of 50mm diameter ammunition, 4 rounds of 70mm diameter ammunition, 2 rounds of 80mm or 93mm diameter ammunition);

6) Optical detection distance: person ≮1km (0.5m*1.8m), vehicle ≮2km (4m*4m vehicle target);

7) Recognition rate: ≥90% (visibility ≥2Km);

8) Maximum load weight: 20kg;

9) Total system weight: ≤80kg;

10) Overall machine size (expanded): ≤3m*3m*1.5m.


5.Technical features

uMoving target recognition rate is not less than 80%;

uLock tracking speed reaches more than 15 frames/second;

The micro rocket has dual independent environment-unprotected ammunition, forming a multi-effect strike capability.


6.Unmanned multi-effect intelligent inspection system. Ammo is not included when shipped. Please contact customer service for details.


7.If you would like to know more about this unmanned combat system, please contact us.


Low-cost micro UAV multi-effect intelligent attack system set; 1 aircraft, 1 weapon carrier, 1 encryption connector antenna, and 1 ground remote control operation computer. (no ammunition)


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